Hypothetical brand and packaging redesign for SugarWrap clingwrap
BRIEF: To rebrand a common supermarket product line, with a focus on sustainability.
PRODUCT: SugarWrap clingwrap and the accompanying household plastic products, zipper bags and rubbish bags – all made from a sugarcane-based bioplastic.
PROCESS: I retained the white card stock from the original packaging, as this helped distinguish the line from other ‘green’ cling wrap brands, which used kraft stock or kraft-coloured backgrounds. I also retained the signature sugarcane line drawing motif and gave it increased prominence. 
The update used a new typographic-based logo for a cleaner look and adopted Bebas Neue Rounded to better set the brand apart from competitors such as Compostic and Multix’s Greener, which were also using geometric sans serif typefaces for their logos. The hierarchy of information was adjusted so that the distinctive brand name (SugarWrap) was given increased prominence over the more generic prefix/descriptor ‘ECO’. 
Most significantly, a consistent turquoise and chocolate colour palette was adopted across all products in the line, instead of giving each product a different colourway (see photograph of original branding at bottom). This was done with a view to improving supermarket sales. While different colours might be useful in the context of sales from SugarWrap's own website, in a supermarket environment – where products are grouped according to product type rather than brand – it’s more important to achieve immediate brand recognition for products that are shelved across different locations or even aisles.

Clingwrap box exterior diecut.

Clingwrap box interior diecut. Educational copy is presented inside the lid flap – visible after purchase and opening.

LEFT: Original branding for the SugarWrap product suite.
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