Conceal your feelings in all your double dealings with Duplicity, the under-the-counter drug.
An expressive typography exercise.
BRIEF: Use type to express the character and meaning of a chosen word, duplicity.
PROCESS: Posing the question ‘What if Duplicity were a drug?’ resulted in a two-faced logo and wordmark, created by manipulating type and adopting a double colour palette, as well as packaging that transforms from a positive to a negative affect when you rotate the box in your hands. 
A Consumer Information Sheet was, of course, needed to accompany the packaging. As always, it's strongly recommended you read this… 

The Customer Information Sheet has been designed to look exactly like the kind of document you might find inside a real pharmaceutical box. Only on closer inspection does it become apparent that this is a parody, capturing my research into the etymology and use of the word itself. Enjoy!

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